4 Best Ways To Celebrate Friendship Day

When life throws lemon, what should you do???? Well, make lemonade and chill with your friends.2 min

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First Sunday of August is celebrated as the International Friendship Day. This day is celebrated to honor people in our lives who have got our backs, people whom we can trust blindly and people who won’t ever backstab us.

Whether you have been friends from the first day of school or you met later in life, we all have friends without whom, we feel lost. Life can be hectic but we always manage to stay in touch, go out together, cry our hearts out and laugh till our stomach hurt. Without them, our life feels meaningless.

While we don’t need a designated day to celebrate the special bond we share with such people, but if there’s a specially labeled day, why don’t celebrate it with all your heart and do what makes you forget the world?

Here are a few easy ways through which you can celebrate Friendship Day to create everlasting memories.

  • Give Them a Call

In today time, where we have more virtual friends than actual friends, how about giving your friends a call to make them feel special? When was the last time you ACTUALLY spoke to your friends? Last week, last month or last year?

It’s the right time to come out of Facebook or Instagram and give them a call. It feels great to hear someone’s voice and know that you are still one of their most cherished friends. Nothing will make their day special than unexpectedly getting your phone call.

  •  Write Them a Beautiful Letter

Go out shopping and grab a beautiful card, a unique yet funny postcard or pick the post-it note off the table and scribble your heart out on it. You can choose to write them a special letter telling them how precious they are and how lucky you feel to have them in your life.

You can even write something cheeky which will make them laugh. Either way, they are going to love it. However, if it feels a lot of work, how about sharing your funny moment on social media with a well thought of caption?

  • Enjoy some “US” Time

If you both live in the same city, how about catching up to spend some quality US time. Relive your memories, plan a relaxing day out or rent a few of your favorite movies and get cozy on the sofa. You can even choose to opt for a spa session and relax while enjoying each other’s company.

  • Do Something They Love

International friendship day was first celebrated in 1935. Till date, it is an enduring tradition to exchange gifts or friendship bands. Think about some unique gift that will make a big impact in their life. It could be a picture of you two, a beautifully framed memory, a playlist of their favorite songs or some flowers. You don’t need to shell out a lot of money to show your love, rather a thoughtful gift will be enough to send your love.

Life without meaningful friends can be dull, listless and boring. So, to all the colorful friends in our life, CHEERSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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12 shares, 4 points
Kristine Adley
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