6 Steps to Carry Out While Creating a Whiteboard Video Animation

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Among all the video animation creation, whiteboard video animations are considered to be the easiest one to create, yet it is also considered to be the most effective form of the video animations that are used to deliver the message with ease.

A whiteboard video animation can only be a success if it is created the right way following the right steps. The purpose of creating the whiteboard animation videos is to create awareness among the people by entertaining them.

Following are some of the basic steps that are needed to be followed if you want to create a striking whiteboard video animation. 

  1. Understand the Client’s Need

The first and the most significant step is to learn what does a client wants. Also, try to understand that why they are asking you to create the whiteboard animation for them. There could be multiple reasons, acknowledge them and make sure you are ready to provide them the best quality work.

  1. Create a Stunning Script

The storyline is the most important element in creating any animated video. In the whiteboard animation, the storyline has to be created in such a way that it delivers the message of the clients with clarity.

  1. Develop Charming Characters

It is understood that the characters are the backbone of any story. Create the suitable characters using the audience persona so that they will feel attached to the story and become interested in watching it till the end. Make sure you don’t create any character that seems offensive to anyone.

  1. Give Your Script a Read

After you complete writing the story for the video, read the entire script in the voice that is audible by you. It will give you a much clear idea that where are the changes needed.

  1. Design a Traditional Video

Remember, every whiteboard video animations have three basic things, and without them, the whiteboard video animation will be incomplete. It is important that you should have a white background that has black drawings along with the drawing hand. Do not miss out any one of the features as it will leave the video to look hollow.

  1. Link The Drawings With Each other

In the whiteboard video animation, every single scene is connected with the previous act. Make sure that you interlink the drawings to make the scene looks like they are in continuity and also make sure they look spontaneous.

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