9 Smart Ways to Avoid Airport Stress

Vacations are fun and killing the excitement of a holiday because of airport stress is not done. To ensure you have a stress free airport visit for your next flight 3 min


Airport is a place where you get all the time to do stuff that you otherwise don’t get time for. However, this can’t be true for all of us. If I was asked if I liked the time at the airport, the answer would be a big YES. I love spending time at the airport waiting to board the flight while I read my favorite book picked from the shelf of my mini library back home. But, then there are people who stress too much about being at the airport and it’s totally acceptable. Can you relate to the situation better? If so, this post is definitely for you. Here are some tips to help you avoid airport stress.

Drive to the airport

To have a stress-free time at the airport, you need to start from the moment you leave for the flight. Reaching the airport in a public transport with that entire luggage on your back and if you have multiple bags or trolleys, it turns annoying. Considering this situation, driving to the airport turns out to be a good idea. You can park the car at the airport parking area and on your return you will have your car right there to get back home.

Have your documents ready

Get all your documents ready and keep them together in your hand bag. You of course don’t want to be that person struggling to get the right documents in the queue. Oh, you have definitely rolled eyes at that person in the past. When you book cheap flights with Indian Eagle, they will remind you for the same. However, its better if you remember not to mess things when at the check in queue.

Get your baggage weighed beforehand

Another important point to note while traveling by air is the weight of your luggage. Firstly, try packing ultra-light when flying. It will be great if you manage all your stuff in a hand baggage. However, hold baggage is still an option on flights and you are required to NOT cross the baggage limit. To ensure you do not have to take out your essentials at the check-in queue or security, weigh your baggage beforehand and cut down the stress of eyeing at the scales later. 

Know the security measures

Airports are areas of high-security and as you check-in, passing through security is something you should be ready for. These days there are fast track security at airports, but you still need to take off your shoes, laptops, phones out of your bags, give away the boarding passes to the attendants for scanning and walk through the scanner to board the flight.

Get yourself a treat

You have all the time at an airport to take a walk around the duty free shops, purchase good food and read a book that you never got time to start otherwise. Do not forget to have your headphones – good music can help you pass long hours smoothly. 

Have plenty of time in hand

It’s understood that online check-ins have curbed the need to leave hours before the boarding time but this has some disadvantages too. When you don’t have enough time in hand, stress levels are natural to increase. Spend an hour extra at the airport rather than worrying about reaching on time to board the flight. At no cost you will want to miss the flight! Have all the time to relax before flying, so don’t be late.

Have patience

Patience can help you deal with any situation and at airport, you need it the most. Despite the airport fast track services, you need to wait in the queue to drop your hold baggage. Being patient will definitely take you a long way, especially at the airport. There are things you can’t control and just need to wait, so why not do it in a better way. Just relax.

Keep your destination in mind

Do not let the crowd and queues at the airport kill your excitement of the journey. In fact, think about your destination as much as you can – be it about meeting your family after a long time, going on a vacation to your favorite place or it is an important business trip. Do not distract yourself from your journey and doing this helps in reducing the airport stress. Remember the reason you are there and you will pass through the queues and crowd stress free.

Get off the plane first

Make sure you get a seat in the front rows of the plane and be the first one to disembark. How does that matter? Getting off from the plane first will save you from the long queues at the immigration counters. At smaller airports, it is not a problem but in countries like United States, immigration process might even extend to an hour or more. By getting off first, you can at least have extra time for your holiday.

Hopefully, you are now aware of the smart ways to avoid airport stress. Make your next airport visit stress free.

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