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GlobeMint is not a personalized blog; rather, we are in this together. We are your voice. If you want to get heard, we offer you a platform to connect with people of similar interests.

Instead of following preset trends, we believe in creating them. We are not shy to talk about anything under the sun and if you want to connect with people around the globe, share your story today!!

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We bring you a collection of stories, DIYs, food trends, travel tips and a lot more. We are here to tell you what’s trending in the beauty industry, where are people traveling to, and just about anything you wish to know.

Whether it is concerning India or the latest happenings around the globe, we bring interesting stories you will love to read. We stand with what is right and help you know more about the latest buzz. If you are reading this, come say HI, we love to know more about our readers.

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Have you been scribbling stories in your notebook? Want to increase exposure and have a global reader base? Well, we are offering you an opportunity to get your story out there and connect with people.

If you have been jumping from one platform to another in search of the right reader base, we are here to help you. Stop searching the web and come join us. We are ready to share your stories with the world, in turn, helping you gain exposure. Publish your first post now!!

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We have a huge audience base of returning and new readers. They visit us to read interesting blogs, articles and know more about the latest trends. Apart from helping your brand gain exposure, we make it easy to interact with the potential customers. Ready to work with us; email us at info@globemint.com

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