How to Create Video Animation That Wins Audience’s Heart

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The software industry is developing rapidly and the audience has started demanding for perfection. Consequently, the budget and deadline are shrinking, and animators are pacing fast against the time. In the fast-paced digital world, there are a few animation concepts by Disney that have proven to work always. The animators on another hand need to pace with industry and try to deliver work while meeting the deadline and staying under the budget.

In this article, we will focus on the ways through which you can create video animations that wow the audience and wins their heart. Read along to discover everything:

Muting the Dialogues

You should listen to the dialogues repeatedly. When you begin a dialogue, you should aim to be into the character, adhering to its mood and performance. Afterwards, you can work through its body language and gestures. Many times, animators try to focus on the dialogues while overlooking on the overall performance and body language.

The great dialogue shots work great even with the muted sound. You can diagnose communication in the shots through muting before showing it to the colleagues. In case, your colleagues are not getting a robust impression about the connection between character and dialogues, then, unfortunately, you have not been able to develop a good animation.

You can go back into the body and work on the major points. In addition, you can speak a line entirely while focusing on the body language prior to un-muting the dialogue and lip-syncing.

Facial Animation is More of Motion

Many times, we are asked if there are specific poses that should be included in the facial rigs, ensuring that a character expresses only the natural emotions. The answer to this question is simple, natural emotions are expressed through movement of face such as lip quivering at the moment when a character wants to cry. 

Similarly, eyes will dart around if a character is short of words, and press lips tightly when avoiding laughing. You can treat such moments similar to gestures of face, observing movements closely. Many Custom Animated Videos services utilize this technique.

Mirror is a Dangerous Thing

You should be careful when using a mirror for lip-sync. When speaking in front of mirror, you tend to slow down the pronunciation to mimic a shape. This can be misleading as it confines to natural lip movement. You can key the lip sync in different passes, and utilize a mirror for information to assist a single pass at a time – either a jaw motion or shape of the lip.

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