#FollowForFollow – 5 Ways To Harness The Power of #Hashtags

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Do you know hashtags plays an important role in increasing the visibility of your online content?

It is the right time to #GetEducated on different ways to harness the power of #Hashtags. As an online influencer or online business, you must have seen people using hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. What do these hashtags mean? Can you use them in your content? Are they worth investing your time in?

When it comes to social media marketing, it is important to make your business and content visible to the masses. Without visibility on the search engine, you are one in the thousands of websites who die a slow death alone. So, how to increase social visibility? Well, one of the easiest and best ways is to use hashtags efficiently.

Hashtags make it easy to spark, search and initiate a conversation. Have you read the #FollowForFollow hashtags somewhere while scrolling through your Twitter or Instagram account? This hashtag gives an opportunity to attract new followers by following people.

You might get astonished, but do you know a tweet with single hashtag gets 21% more engagement than tweets that have three or more hashtags.

While it is not beneficial to use #hashtag #infront #of #every #word #that #you #use, using a single #hashtag can do wonders.

So make sure to read this article till the end to know 5 different ways to harness the power of hashtags properly.

  1. Start a conversation
  2. With a single hashtag, you can start a new conversation or become a part of the ongoing conversation. Using hashtags allows you a chance to keep your content in the search results so that more people can follow along.

  3. Cross-promote your content
  4. Different social media channels use hashtags as a way to engage with their audience or to aggregate posts. Thus, it gives online users a chance to cross-promote the content on different social networks.

    To cross-promote the content, you need to create a hashtag that represents the chosen services, product or your brand as a whole. Next, make sure to use it on all your social accounts. After a while, you will find that your followers are also using it to tag you or promote your business. Using the right hashtag helps your business grow on platforms you rarely engage with.

  5. Crowdsource your content
  6. Nowadays, everyone wants to have a high number of followers on their social media channels. People can do anything to get a shout-out from a well-known brand. Ask your followers to upload their photos by using your hashtag to get featured on the company’s social media handle.

    Getting the followers to submit new content every day will make them feel a part of the brand while making it easier for you to update your social media page with fresh content.

  7. Go Live at events
  8. Facebook and Instagram offer its users a chance to go live with their followers. So whether you are attending an important conference or an event that can potentially benefit your followers, you can live stream it and use hashtags to promote yourself.

  9. Check out the trending hashtags

When everything else fails, you can follow the industry trend to promote your services, start a conversation or to divert some traffic to your website. The Internet is full of trending hashtags but make sure you choose a relevant hashtag according to your services.

At Globemint, we are soon going to announce a huge SSL giveaway in collaboration with Concevoir Web Services. Thus, we have devised #GlobemintSSLGiveaway as a way to promote our giveaway.

The hashtag includes our blog name along with the giveaway details. This is just one example; you can easily find plenty of hashtags around the internet used by companies.

Interested in our giveaway? Look out this space to know more about our giveaway and subscribe to Globemint to get notified of new blogs.

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13 shares, 3 points
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