Why Do We Love People If They Are Not Meant For Us? – Part 2

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Read the first part of why people leave us, here, before continuing reading.

Zoey, Adriana, Alex, Zara, and TJ lived just a few blocks away from each other. The first day of college arrived and they all got ready and meet up at TJ’s house.

“So Zee, are you still nervous or is the excitement building up?” Alex asked while collecting his things.

“Well, I will see how the day goes, I am not thinking too much now. I would say that I am excited yet nervous. I think you get your answer.” Zoey said while winking at Alex.

“Let’s hurry up guys or we will miss our first lecture,” Adriana said. She was the bookworm among the group. She was always found among her books. Yet she was a sweetheart who was always ready to help her friends.

“Yeah, let’s go. I can’t wait to meet new girls. What about you, Alex? Ready to meet some beautiful girls?” TJ Asked. Alex was quiet. While TJ loved every other girl he met, Alex has always loved Zoey and she was aware of it. But she never encouraged Alex’s feeling for she thought she will lose her best friend.

Zoey parents have had an ugly divorce when she was 10 years old. She would often see her mother drinking heavily, her father going out with other women and more. There was no harmony at home. While she was an extrovert and lively as a child, her parent’s divorce and other ugly things that happened at home, made her an introvert. She thought marriage is a curse. While she also loved Alex, she didn’t want things to go ugly between them.

All of them packed their bags and jumped in Zoey car and off they drove.

At College

The bell ranged and all of them quickly went toward their respective classrooms, promising each other to meet up during lunch break.

Zoey and Alex took the first bench and shared it with two other people. During the lectures, they started conversing with each other and were able to become friends.

“That was easier than I thought,” Zoey said to Alex. “Well, you just need to welcome people in your life and you will see how beautiful your life becomes,” Alex said while hoping that one day Zoey will accept his love.

“Let’ go and catch up with Adriana, TJ, and Zara, I am wondering if they were able to make a few friends.” She said while sounding excited.

“Woohoo, hold on girl, I can see the change in you already,” Alex said while feeling happy.

As soon as the lecture got over, they hurriedly walked out of the class toward the cafeteria. There they saw Zara, TJ, and Adriana waiting for them.

“Hey,” Alex said while waving his arm in the air.

“So how was the first day,” TJ asked. “What about girls in your class, is there anyone to match up my standard?” he said while joking.

“We were able to make new friends; but girls, I am not interested in any,” Alex added while looking at Zoey.

They giggled, laughed, teased each other and before they knew their break was over. They returned to their respective classes to see how the rest of the day is going to be like.

At TJ’s Home

Zara was the first to tell how amazing her day has been. She was an extrovert, who if left stranded on an island alone, can easily make friends even with animals. She loved knowing more about people, talking to them and listening to people’s stories.

Zara started off how she was able to converse with more than half of the class. Further, she shared a list of boys she had a crush on.

Zoey was startled listening to such a long list. While this was not the first time, yet she was always amazed at how easily Zara let people enter her life. Wasn’t she afraid of heartbreaks? What if a boy mistreated her? What if she is left alone when she needs someone?

“Umm…” Zoey stammered a little while coming out of her thoughts and looking at Adriana. “Adriana how was your day and why you are so quiet?” she asked.

“O nothing, I was just going through some books the professor recommended today. I think it is going to be a rocking year.” She said.

Click here to read the third part of why people leave us. Do leave your comments below and let me know if you like the story.

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