Why Do We Love People If They Are Not Meant For Us? – Part 3

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Vacations had started and they have all decided to meet up at TJ’s home for this was the place they were in love with. It was here that they have shared everything with each other. This was the place where all their secrets were safe.

“Have someone heard from Alex? When’s he coming?” TJ said while looking at his phone. Naa, Zoey, Zara, and Adriana said together.

“Let’s call him up and check,” Zoey suggested.

“I will call him. He was supposed to bring me coffee,” TJ said sounding frustrated.

“Why do you drink so much coffee TJ, one day you will become an addict,” Zara said and Adriana added quickly, “One day, I am sure he is already addicted to it.”

“Whatever guys, have someone checked on Alex, I am feeling worried. He is never late” Zoey added.

“Feels like someone is finally falling in love,” Adriana said while smiling and reading her book.

“It’s not like that; you know we all care for each other. Wouldn’t you be worried if I promised to come on time, yet even after three hours there’s no sign of me?” Zoey said smiling shyly yet worried about Alex.

“Guys,” TJ said with a grave expression on his face. We need to get moving. I think Alex is….” And he broke down.

Zoey who had not let negative thoughts consume her mind started thinking about the worst scenarios.

“TJ what happened to Alex,” she said as tears started falling from her eyes.

“I…I.. don’t know exactly but his mom said that….” He too started crying while hugging Zoey.

“Guys, let’s go while you can tell us what happened on the way,” Zara said while looking at TJ and trying to keep herself calm.

On the way, there was pin-drop silence in the car. Today, Zoey has finally accepted Alex’s love and thus wanted to meet him up so bad. She wanted to tell him that she is in love with him. She wanted him to know that she loved him from the day they met. She had so much to say but Alex did not turn up that day to meet her. She was feeling empty inside. What if her love is left incomplete? What if something happened to Alex? What if he…… and she started crying again.

The moment they entered Alex’s home, they went pale.

Zoey’s heart skipped a beat. She went numb and was about to fall when TJ hold her. “Zoey are you fine?” he asked.

Yet she did not speak a word. In front of her, her world lay shattered. Alex had met with an accident while coming over to TJ’s home and died on the spot. Never in her wildest dream has she thought that Alex would leave her alone in this world. He was always by her side whenever she needed him. He was right there to protect her, soothe her, comfort her and today when she has finally realized his worth in her life, when she was going to propose him, he is not there.

Zoey, TJ, Adriana, and Zara hugged and console each other.

While their life moved on, but Zoey was never able to love again. She always questioned god why did he snatch Alex from her? Why did he send him in her life if they were not meant for ever? Why did she always try to keep herself away from him when she knew she loved him too?

She had so many questions but no one to answer them…

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