Why Do We Love People If They Are Not Meant For Us? – Part 1

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She stood still. Her heart skipped a beat. There were thousands of emotions going inside her. Did he not remembered his promise? He was the one who promised to never leave her side.

Zoey was breathtakingly beautiful. Her hazel colored eyes, pink lips, curly hairs, and a cheerful nature made it easy for anyone to fall for her.

Yet, she only had a handful of friends. She was never interested in making friends as she always enjoyed her own company. She loved painting, playing with her off-white colored Chihuahua, Shadow and hanging out with her best friends from school, Adriana, Alex, TJ, and Zara.

They were inseparable five. Everyone was around to help the other person in tough times and they were always there to cheer each other up. The school finished and it was now time to take admission in college. All of them wanted to be in the same college. So while Adriana, Zara, and TJ took admission in mass communication degree, Zoey and Alex choose a degree course in engineering in the same college.

The first day of college was coming close and everyone was hyped to go to the college. They wanted to make new friends, experience the freedom that comes with college life and do so many exciting things. Now they don’t need to wear the plain, boring uniforms. They can wear whatever they want, do whatever they please, they can choose to attend classes or go for a movie. They will have all the freedom in the world.

Everyone was so excited for their future, except Zoey. Being an introvert, she was not sure how she will be able to make new friends, what if people don’t like her? What if someone fought with her? What if her friends forget her because of their new friends?

There were so many “What If” questions doing rounds in her mind. Will she be able to fit in the new environment? She was lost in her thoughts when her friends came around. They tried calling Zoey, but she was deeply involved in her thoughts.

“Zoey, what are you thinking?” TJ said while shaking her arm.

“O, when did you come? I didn’t see you people coming.” She said looking startled.

“You are yet to meet the love of your life, but you are already so engrossed in your thoughts. Who’s the lucky guy, we don’t know about yet?” Adriana said while winking.

“Shut up Adriana, I was just thinking about tomorrow.” She said while looking worried.

“Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day, what’s there to worry about?” TJ said while sipping on his coffee.

“I know you people are excited for the first day in college, but I am a little worried. What if I am not able to make friends and feel left out in the class?” Zoey said with sadness in her eyes.

“O Zee, you are always thinking about negative things. What if you meet your love on the first day? Wouldn’t it be exciting to be able to spend the next four years together and get enough time to know each other? Don’t you want your prince charming to sweep you off your feet and make you feel like a princess? Anyways you are the most beautiful girl in our group and you know it.” Zara added trying to divert Zoey’s mind.

“Well, we will see what happens next; let’s just go out for coffee. Are you guy’s coming with me?” TJ said while smirking.

“Not again TJ. I don’t want to go out, Zoey said. I am too tired and want all of us to stay together today. Who knows tomorrow you might find new friends and leave me,” she said, feeling a little low.

“It’s time for a group hug.” Alex Said. And all of them came together to promise each other that no matter how many new friends they make, they won’t leave each other side forever.

Read the next part of why people leave us. Do leave your comments below and let me know if you like the story.

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