What Are My Options for Whitening My Teeth?

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Not all stains on your teeth are easy to remove. Some of them are stubborn enough to not go away with your regular schedule of brushing and flossing and cleaning. You will need a professional whitening procedure to get rid of discoloration that has seeped beyond the surface. Oral care could help to some extent in keeping away the stains, but you can’t rely on them when the problem is deep. Although you can benefit from over-the-counter treatments, it’s always advised to trust treatments that are supervised by the dentist to get better results and feel safe.

Some of your options for whitening your teeth may include –  

1 – In-Chair Whitening

You can trust an in-chair procedure done at the dentist to make your teeth shades whiter and brighter in a hassle-free and secure manner. Such whitening is not only safe and effective but also speedy as well, where you expect even expect the teeth to get whitening in as little as one hour! The dentist can use some advanced procedure which ensures immediate results unlike the conventional whitening methods necessitating the wearing of trays for days on end for the gradual result. With in-chair whitening, you can expect the result to sustain for 6 months to a year with slight sensitivity which generally goes away in a day or two. 

2 – Tray Whitening

Tray whitening is for those patients who can benefit from a dentist-supervised procedure, but at home, instead of in the dental office. In this procedure, the dentist will recommend you a try that you must wear at night for a specific period, or as prescribed by the dentist. To benefit from this procedure, you must first visit the dentist and get an impression of your mouth taken for making of a custom tray.  The same tray you will take home with the whitening gel and do the whitening on own. This procedure will take one to three weeks to deliver results. 

3 – Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are part of the procedure where you decide to do the whitening on own without any consultation with the dentist. You can buy these strips from any pharmacy and use it for at least two weeks for getting the whitening results. You will need to attach the whitening strips to the front of the teeth and do the same for a period of two weeks at least. Like the whitening tray treatment, the duration and method of this procedure are also the same, but it does not have the benefit of any professional supervision. The results will last for 4 months or so. 

4- Toothpaste

If you look for a DIY whitening treatment option, you can go for an enamel-building toothpaste and hope to get good results gradually. These toothpastes are made using ingredients helpful for re-mineralizing the teeth together with helping seal the small cracks in the teeth which catch stains. Such a toothpaste can have three to four times the fluoride found in your regular paste, so they can provide a greater protection against cavities and keep away stains easily. You can also find toothpaste which you need to apply after brushing to strengthen your enamel and minimize stain issues. 

5 – Coconut oil

You can trust coconut oil as a potent teeth whitening treatment with great results gradually. With oil pulling procedure, you can get the natural benefits of cleansing the mouth and the use of coconut oil can help remove stains and keep your teeth whiter as well. During the procedure, you can swish the oil around in the mouth for a few seconds and then get great whitening results.

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