The Rise of #MeToo Movement In India

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Have you heard about the recent assault case involving the Sanskari babuji of Bollywood, Alok Nath? The #metoo hashtag is trending, so is the movement. The #MeToo movement has created a significant change for the sexual harassment and assault victims to open up about their experiences.

Following the worldwide shock over the Harvey Weinstein occurrence in the West, where the prominent Hollywood maker was blamed for lewd behavior by more than 70 ladies, the #MeToo development has at long last touched base in India, overwhelming the entire media and media outlet.

Now girls, women, and victims won’t stay quiet as they have been told to for years now. They are standing up to demand justice.

Here are some of the most prominent cases that have caused a stir in the country.

  • Stand-up comic and on-screen character Aditi Mittal apologized after she was denounced by Kaneez Surka, of mightily kissing and putting her “tongue in her mouth” while she was facilitating a show in 2016.
  • A case against Bollywood actor Nana Patekar was registered late on Wednesday (DATE) night on charges of sexual harassment made by Tanushree Dutta, his costar in a 2008 film.
  • Performing artist Sandhya Mridul has opened up about her supposed lewd behavior on account of Alok Nath during the shooting of a telefilm, days after producer-writer Vinta Nanda blamed him for assault. She has also revealed that Alok Nath first harassed the lead actress Navneet Nishan of the show Tara, while they were shooting for the show.
  • Few women have named Suhel Seth In #MeToo, Saying he “Tossed Himself” At Her. Writer Mandakini Gahlot said that Seth persuasively kissed her out in the open at a gathering in Goa in July 2011. Additionally, film director Natashja Rathore took to Twitter to blame Seth for taking her to his loft in Gurugram and kissing and grabbing her.
  • No less than six ladies writers have gone ahead to blame Deputy Minister for State of External Affairs M J Akbar of lewd behavior and unseemly conduct when he functioned as a newspaper editor.
    • Priya Ramani, who was some time ago connected with India Today, The Indian Express and Mint, was the first to level charges against MJ Akbar.
    • Shuma Raha, another journalist, tweeted and said in the year 1995, pace Taj Bengal. After that experience, I rejected the job offer.
    • Another journalist Ghazala Wahab also wrote her encounter on the news portal The Wire. I staggered in sheer dread while attempting to get to my feet. He ran his hands from my bosom to my hips. I took a stab at pushing his hands away, yet they were put on my midsection, his thumbs rubbing the sides of my bosoms,” Wahab said.
    • On 6 October, columnist Prerna Singh Bindra put out a tweet saying she was likewise encountered by AJ Akbar and when she denied he made her work-life harder.
    • Addressing The Indian Express, independent columnist Kanika Gahlaut said she worked with Akbar from 1995 to 1997 and Akbar’s conduct towards everybody was wrong.
    • He culled my bra tie and said something which I don’t recall now. I shouted at him,” Suparna Sharma told the daily.
    • Naqvi clears up that the man never laid a hand on her; however, what he did was out and out badgering.
  • Gursimran Khamba from a trendy Comedy collective All India Bakchod (AIB) was also accused by a nameless survivor for harassing her back in 2015-16.
  • A woman journalist has also accused Bollywood singer Kailash Kher. The woman has said that during an interview, Kailash was trying to touch her repeatedly.
  • The name of actor Rajat Kapoor also came out in this campaign. A woman journalist accused him of behaving unfairly. The journalist accused Rajat Kapoor of saying that during an interview, he told him that if her voice is so sexy then what is it like to be seen?
  • Now the name of AIB CEO Tanmey Bhat  is also revealed. The women employees charged them with abuse and sexual abuse. On this matter, the web channel has taken a big decision on Monday. The channel has removed Tanmay Bhatt and Gursiman Khambha. On Sunday, Singer Sona Mohapatra posted some controversial tweets of Tanmay Bhatt and Rohan Joshi on his Facebook book. After this, the matter came out.
  • A female employee of the Phantom film accused Vikas Bahal, who was director of the Queen Film, accused of sexual harassment. After which actress Kangana Ranaut mentioned the incident to the victim while keeping her in favor of the victim. She made many serious allegations on development.

These were only a few of the hundreds and thousands of cases that have seen the light of day. There are plenty of women suffering silently without coming forward. It’s high time we teach boys to respect girls and make them realize that NO means NO.

What are your thoughts on #metoo movement? Comment below!!

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