Sunny Leone’s Favorite Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Shows

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With a large number of shows streaming on Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video, we often get confused about what to watch, right? It can be an overwhelming task to pick a perfect show for Friday night binge watching session.

However, to make the task easier, we got you a list of Sunny Leone’s favorite shows she loves watching on Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

Here’s the list of shows you need to watch right now!!!

Netflix – The Sinner


The Sinner is an addictive crime drama based on Petra Hammesfahr’s novel. This show will keep you captivated consistently. Christopher Abbott and Jessica Biel play the lead roles in this show which is worth binge watching.

Netflix – Bates Motel


Yet another Netflix series that will keep you glued to your screens is the Bates Motel. This show works as a prequel to Hitchcock’s Psycho, it defines the events preceding to the ones which you might have seen in the 1960 film. The mother-son duo, Vera Farmiga, and Freddie Highmore are phenomenal in this dark and twisted series.

Hotstar – American Horror Story


American Horror Story, developed by TV czar Ryan Murphy is one of the most-watched series. The dark twists and an outstanding performance by Sarah Paulson, Lady Gaga, Jessica Lange and Emma Robers will keep you hooked to your Mobile screens.

Netflix – Jane The Virgin


If you are someone who doesn’t like watching horror too much, this one is definitely for you. Jane The Virgin is a good old telenovela which has its own following.

Netflix – The Crown


While the Season 3 of The Crown is yet to finalize its cast, it’s the right time to binge-watch the first two seasons. The Crown is a beautifully directed story of Queen Elizabeth II. Claire Foy which play the main protagonist has a striking resemblance to the queen. This series makes up for an ideal weekend binge-watching session.

So how are you going to spending your weekend? Let us know in the comments if you have watched these series before!!!

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